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Do you have a good story to tell, do you know the best spots in town or are you passionate about a specific local topic?

Create a trabble tour for it, share your ideas with others and also earn a little money on the side.

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What you get out of it

trabble offers you a platform and community for your digital tours. You use your own ideas and content to create a trabble tour and benefit in several ways:

Your offer grows

If you already offer guided tours, you can use trabble to also reach people who are not tied to fixed dates or who prefer to be on the road for themselves.

Your tours become better known

In addition to your own marketing, we promote the tours of the trabble guides on our channels and those of our partners in order to increase awareness of the app and the community.

You earn 70 % with every tour

We automatically deduct the tax and the Appstore fee from your tour sale price, and you get 70% of the rest. A small piece of the pie stays with us to further develop trabble and keep it free for guides.

3 steps to trabble

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Click the login button at the top of the menu and create a trabble account with just one click.

Create a trabble tour

You will get instant access to our browser based tour creation tool and can start creating your tours.

Earn money

Once you publish your tours, they will be available for purchase in the trabble app. You earn with every sale!

Mach tolle Bilder mit der DSLR und füge sie in deine digitalen Touren ein

Who can be a guide?

When you think of a tour guide, many still have a classic tour guide in mind. We don't see it that way, because for us everyone is a perfect guide who tells a story and wants to take his audience with him to the spots where the action takes place. These stories can be very diverse and because the tours are digital they don't require your presence. For us, trabble guides are:

  • People who want to show others their favourite places
  • Storytellers, who take the listeners along into the story
  • Experts who want to share their knowledge
  • Enthusiasts who want to give their environment a great experience

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FAQ for guides

How do I create a digital city tour / a city tour via app?

You can create your city tour either on your phone or on your computer. Just log in and you're ready to go. Don't worry: You can't do anything wrong and all data can be changed later.

It's not so much what places you show, but what story you tell about them. For example, a guided tour through a small town can be very exciting if the topic is interesting.

An example: The tour through the Siebentischwald in Augsburg

Why should I create a trabble city tour?

You should create a trabble city tour if you want to show others your hometown or favorite travel spots!

It doesn't matter if you want to create a basic tour with the most important sights or give a tour with insider tips - there are no limits to your ideas. You can also offer photo workshops. Or guide users through the day with quiz questions.

You don't have to be a professional city guide to do this. With your smartphone you can quickly and easily photograph all the locations and load them into the tour.

Of course, if you are already a professional city guide or travel blogger, this also comes in handy. Take your existing tours and build your digital tour from them. This is how you get new and digitally savvy customers who, for very different reasons, would not participate in a conventional city tour.

Is everyone allowed to create their own city tour, theme tour or photowalk?

Of course! Everyone can create their own trabble tour. There are no limits to your ideas. Choose a theme, set certain tasks or show others your favorite photo spots.

What are spots on trabble city tours?

The spots of the trabble tours are the places you take your users with the city tour.

What are Info Screens in trabble city tours?

Info Screens are elements in the tour that you can include. Here you can explain content to the users.

How can I use audio guides in my city tour?

Using audio guides is quite simple: Record your tour (or sounds belonging to the tour) with your smartphone and load them into a spot of your city tour. It's just as easy and fast as uploading photos.

Please make sure that you own the rights to the audio files before uploading them!

Tip: Indicate in the tour description if your tour includes an audio guide. This way your users know what to expect.

Can I use videos for my city tour?

Yes, you can use videos for your city tour. This is especially interesting for users who don't want to read so much (or are not able to).

The use of videos is very simple: record them with your smartphone and load them into a spot of your city tour. This is as easy and fast as uploading photos.

Please make sure before uploading that you own the rights to the videos!

What else can I put in my city tour?

You can include gifs, videos and music via embed codes. This will make your tour even more entertaining.

As a city guide, can I offer city tours with the trabble app?

Yes, absolutely! As a city guide you have already done most of the preparatory work for a trabble tour already done. In our experience, it takes only a few hours to set up an existing tour as a trabble tour.

How do tourists or visitors find my digital city tours?

Users find your digital city tours in two ways: through the advertising we do and the advertising that you do. They can find your tours via the app's search function or they can have tours suggested that are in their area. We also promote the city tours on social media.

Important: Also use your channels (social media, connections to tourism information, friends and acquaintances), to make your tour known.

I want to do a donation tour for a good cause - is that possible?

Yes, it is possible to do a donation tour for a good cause. You can donate the proceeds from the sale of your trabble tour and refer to this in your tour - e.g. at the beginning of the tour, in the tour name and description or via an info screen element. However, an automatic donation function is not yet included in the app and you have to make the donation yourself.

Can I also offer a free city tour?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to offer a free city tour. Because the fee for downloading a trabble city tour is not only your profit (70%), but also includes taxes, the fees for the App Store and a small share for us, so that we can offer the trabble platform & app for free.

How to become a digital city guide?

Anyone can become a digital city guide! You don't have to be a full-time guide. You can show people everything you love. You can create a historical city tour - or one with the most beautiful Insta-photo spots. There are no limits to your ideas!

What things should I look for to make my trabble city tour well received?

Make sure your pictures look appealing and are of good quality.

Test your finished tour before publication. Often you will discover errors that have crept in.

Give the users all the information they need. Think of a classic travel guide in book form and what it tells you. Look for opening hours, websites, entrance fees. Indicate if the spots are wheelchair accessible. Is the place suitable for children?

Keep in mind that your users will also want to take breaks and suggest nice places to take a break at appropriate times.

Use interactive elements to make the tour exciting. Details about the elements can be found in the Creator Guide. Don't make the questions and tasks too difficult, but not unexciting either.

Also give the users some entertaining info about the places. For example, if you describe a church, don't just mention the hard facts like construction time and style - also tell exciting stories about the building like legends or curiosities. These stories will be remembered :)

What else can I do?

Use your channels to promote yout rours. You have a blog, social media channels or another medium? Report about your tours there.