Become a trabble guide

Do you have a good story to tell, do you know the best spots in town or are you passionate about a specific local topic?

Create a trabble tour for it, share your ideas with others and also earn a little money on the side.

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What you get out of it

trabble offers you a platform and community for your digital tours. You use your own ideas and content to create a trabble tour and benefit in several ways:

Your offer is growing

If you already offer guided tours, you can use trabble to also reach people who are not tied to fixed dates or who prefer to be on the road for themselves.

Your tours will be better known

In addition to your own marketing, we promote the tours of the trabble guides on our channels and those of our partners in order to increase awareness of the app and the community.

You earn with every tour

For every sale of your tour via the trabble app, you earn 40% of the sales price. The rest of the game is played by the state (approx. 16%) and the app store (approx. 25%) and a small piece of cake stays with us to further develop trabble and keep it free for guides.

3 steps to trabble

Register for free

Click the login button at the top of the menu and create a trabble account with just 1 click.

Create a trabble tour

You get instant access to our browser creator and can start creating your tours.

Sell ​​and earn

As soon as you publish your tours, all users can buy them in the app. You earn with every tour sale in the app - advertise it!

Who can be guide?

When you think of a tour guide, many still have a classic tour guide in mind. We don't see it that way, because for us everyone is a perfect guide who tells a story and wants to take his audience with him to the spots where the action takes place. These stories can be very diverse and because the tours are digital they don't require your presence. For us, trabble guides are:

People who want to show others their place
Storytellers who take the audience into the story
Experts who want to impart their knowledge
Enthusiasts who want to give their environment a great experience
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